Lady Plays The Blues - aka " The Sax Lady"

Available - $2,595

Lady Plays The Blues is a sculpture made from a saxophone and trombones.  The sculpture is approximately  4 1/2 ft tall and is made completely with brass, copper and upcycled pieces from other  instruments, appliances, lamps and other items.  

The most unique feature of this sculpture is a Bluetooth Speaker mounted inside the saxophone that can play an incredible sound.  

Please take a few minutes and click on the video to hear how Lady Plays The Blues !

Large Instrument Sculptures


My Sculptures are handcrafted from real musical instruments, copper, brass, and up cycled items.  

Custom made sculptures are available.  Cost and completion dates will vary.  Please call me (727-773-6608)  with your specific needs.  

Bob Richardson - Artist, Sculpture, Creator