​​​One of a kind instrument sculptures made into Bluetooth Speakers​.  All include an outstanding Bluetooth Speaker that plays continuously for 6-8 hours and recharges in 45 minutes.

Euphonium Wind Sculpture - Top Rotates in the wind.

The top will rotate on bearings and the Euphonium sits on a large lamp base.  This is very heavy .  The speaker sits under the large copper spiral in the bell of the Euphonium.

Tampa Bay Area Price  - $375

Euphonium Bluetooth Sound Machines 

Euphonium  -Silver Plate with Copper

One of the most expansive Bluetooth Sound Machines I have ever made.  The Euphonium is attached to a large copper spiral base that wraps around the instrument and has multiple copper spirals coming out in various places.  The top of the instrument, where the speaker sits, has many copper spirals shooting out like a large vase of flowers.  This creation is outstanding and is a conversation piece and show stopper.

Tampa Bay Area Price  - $995