​​​One of a kind instrument and instrument case sculptures made into Bluetooth Speakers​.  All include an outstanding Bluetooth Speaker that plays continuously for 6-8 hours and recharges in 45 minutes.

Instrument Creations Bluetooth Sound Machines 


What do you get the hunter who has everything.  Well, a new Rifle that is made from 2 Clarinets, 1 Flute, a portion of a slide from a Trombone, actual Remington 870 shotgun stock and lots of copper.  The Bluetooth Speaker sits under the rear copper spiral (support base) and the sound is incredible.  

The front rifle support and the rear support are removable.

The rifle is 54" long, 12" high and the support bases measure 9" wide.​​

The ultimate gift for the person who has everything.


Tampa Bay Area Price  - $495

Nationwide Shipping Price - $795


This Bluetooth Speaker is created from a stainless steel fire extinguisher, 3 steel Clarinets from the 1920's, and lots of copper.  The top piece is a stainless steel turkey baster.  The speaker sits under the large copper spiral on the top of the extinguisher.   I call it the ROCKET! 

Tampa Bay Area Price - $450

Nationwide Shipping Price - $750 ​​