Piano Key Chain Holder 

​​​One of a kind Piano Key Chain Holders. 

Piano Key Chain Holder

As I continue to use every part of the 1926 Wurlitzer Upright Piano that I disassembled, I was able to make some custom Piano key chain holders from it.

Photos of Key Chains

- Key chain #1 are keys 16-27
- Key chain #2 are keys 39-48
- Key chain #3 are keys 49-58
- Key chain #4 are keys 59-68
- Key chain #5 are keys 69-78
- Key chain #6 are keys 81-89

These key chain holders are approximately 6" wide by 13" long. I usually use 10 piano keys to make each one and they hold either 4 or 5 sets of keys. I used a standard 2 inch picture frame holder on the back.

It comes with cup holders on the front and if you want to change the color to Black, White or Chrome, just let me know and I can make that change before I ship this item.

​Tampa Bay Area Price - ALL SOLD

Front & Back of each Key Chain Holders