Photos of the Sky Trombones Water Fountain.  Click on any picture to enlarge

Water Fountains


All of these fountains  are handcrafted from real musical instruments, copper, brass, and various items items.  

Custom made water fountains are available.  Cost and completion dates will vary.  Please call me (727-773-6608)  with your specific needs.  

Sky Trombones Water Fountain

This trombone water fountain contains 3 trombones, aluminum Wah-Wah's,  glass marbles and whimsical copper tubing that looks like flowers and leaves.  It has 2 control valves for water flow and needs only 10 inches of water to submerge the pump.

The fountain is approximately 60" tall and 28" round at its largest point.

I named this fountain the Sky Trombone because all of the trombones face the sky.  

Available at :  $1,800  USD    SOLD

Bob Richardson - Artist, Sculpture, Creator