​​​One of a kind Steampunk instrument sculptures made into Bluetooth Sound Machines​.  All include an outstanding Bluetooth Speaker that plays continuously for 6-8 hours and recharges in 45 minutes.

Electric  Guitar 

This Steampunk Electric Guitar is made from a Karera Guitar.  The control knobs are CO2 cartridges, and the speaker sits under the brass mask on the front of the guitar.  Everything sits on a copper base with spirals. 

Tampa Bay Area Price - $650

 Steampunk - Bluetooth Sound Machines 

Clarinet - Steampunk with Drum Stand

This Steampunk Clarinet  sits on a drum stand.  The top portion is an old brushed aluminum lamp top and the Bluetooth Speaker sits under another lamp piece on top of a leather base.  The look is incredible and the sound is outrageous.  

Tampa Bay Area Price - $265

Clarinet - Steampunk with CO2 Cartridge

This Steampunk Clarinet  sits on an old brushed aluminum lamp top.    A CO2 cartridge protrudes from the Clarinet with 2 copper spirals.  The Bluetooth Speaker sits under the copper spiral on top of the Clarinet and the sound is incredible

Tampa Bay Area Price $265

Trumpet -  Steampunk Pirate Blaster

This Pirate Blaster is made from an old rifle wood stock , a Trumpet, a section from a French Horn and copper.  The Blaster Stand can be removed if you want to place the Blaster in a corner standing upright.  The speaker sits under the large copper spiral that covers the bell portion of the Trumpet.  The sound is incredible.  

Tampa Bay Area Price  - $495​


What do you get the hunter who has everything.  Well, a new Rifle that is made from 2 Clarinets, 1 Flute, a portion of a slide from a Trombone, actual Remington 870 shotgun stock and lots of copper.  The Bluetooth Speaker sits under the rear copper spiral (support base) and the sound is incredible.  

The front rifle support and the rear support are removable.

The rifle is 54" long, 12" high and the support bases measure 9" wide.​​

Tampa Bay Area Price ($495)