This  Bluetooth Sound Machine is made from the following instruments:

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Violin
  • Cymbal (Drums)

An outstanding and complicated piece that has a lot of copper , from the base to the spiral on the front of the Violin where the Bluetooth Speaker sits.  The sound is outstanding .

Tampa Bay Area Price  ($995)

​Free Delivery within 100 miles of Safety Harbor, FL, the location of my workshop.

Trombone - Roth 1960's Painted Black

A Trombone from the 1960's painted black with copper. 

​​Tampa Bay Area Price  ($225)

Trombone - Wall Hanging with Swan 

Tampa Bay Area Price ($235)

Trombone - Brass with Bent Legs and Copper 

Tampa Bay Area Price ($195)

Trombone - Wall Hanging Trombone 

Tampa Bay Area Price ($235)

Trombone -  Bent Top 

​Tampa Bay Area  Price ($265)

Trombone Bluetooth Sound Machines 

​​​One of a kind instrument sculptures made into Bluetooth Speakers​.  All include an outstanding Bluetooth Speaker that plays continuously for 6-8 hours and recharges in 45 minutes.

Trombone - Silver Plate (Upright)

This Bluetooth Sound Machine is made from a Silver Plated Trombone, connected to a copper base with an incredible amount of copper woven all around the Trombone.  The speaker sits under the copper spiral located in the bell section.

Tampa Bay Area Price ($295)

Trombone - Silver Plate  with Copper Base 

Tampa Bay Area Price ($285)