Pearl - Snare Drum Hard Case - $38

Marching Baritone Case from the 1960's - $22

Guitar Case - $10

This case is good for moving a guitar or storing a guitar.  The inside is in great shape and some of the outside seems are held together with Gorilla Tape​​​​

French Horn Cases - 

Brown - $8

Vintage  - CIRCA 1910-1920's  - $41

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Trumpet / Cornet Cases 

$5 - $12

Violin  Cases  - $18 Each

​(5) -  4/4 Violin Cases

(3) -  3/4 Violin Cases

(4) -  1/2 Violin Cases

(3) -  1/8 Violin Cases​​​​

Guitar - Lyon by Washburn, Gig Bag  - $24

Flute Cases - $10-$12 each

Used Instrument Cases

When I make my Bluetooth Sound Machines, many of the instruments that I purchase come with a case.  I don't use the cases and sell them to the general public for what I actually paid for them.  I sell about 400 cases a year.

Listed below are the cases that I currently have for sale and the price for each of the cases.  I do not ship these cases as it becomes cost prohibitive.  If you are interested in buying a case, please send me an email to let me know which case you would like to purchase.  They can be picked up at my workshop located at my home.

Clarinet Cases - $3 or $5 each

Gemeinhardt Flute Case - $23